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Telltale Signs Your Company Needs Better IT Services

IT systems are a significant investment for any company. The average small company with less than $50 million in revenue can spend approximately 6.9% of its revenue on IT services. Mid-sized companies with larger incomes can spend up to 4.1%. Large enterprises seem to spend the least at 3.2%, but it’s still a massive number at approximately $64 million.

HarborTech Mobility, as a provider of IT services for companies of all sizes, understands the significant investment an IT system is to a company and the amount of essential data that gets processed through it daily. So when a company grows, its IT department should upgrade as well.

IT systems need to be scaled to accommodate more business and customer data, more employees interacting with the system, and product expansions.

Your business’ procedures and processes need to become more efficient to maintain all the interaction and upkeep required by your range of products or services. Your IT system is no exception.

Signs Your IT Systems Are Falling Behind

More downtime

Your IT system’s in-house solutions are no longer sufficient if you start noticing that there’s more downtime than there used to be. For example, there is a significant lag on your business’ website because it can no longer handle the number of people logging in. Another example is servers constantly slowing down, leaving a lot of employees waiting for data to load or processes to start.

Time is money in any business, so your IT system should be able to handle larger loads and faster processing of data. Without fast data processing, whole departments can slow down, creating bottlenecks through your system. Make sure to regularly investigate long or recurring downtime in your business systems and identify any IT issues that contribute to the problem.

Repeated security breaches

Customer data safety is paramount to all businesses that access or store private customer information and banking data. This is why cybersecurity is crucial to companies and makes headlines when a company suffers a breach.

Repeated breaches in your company’s IT security may mean that your IT system security protocols are no longer up to date. They can easily be exploited by malware, phishing attacks, hacks, and other internal and external threats. And if your business or customers’ data gets stolen from your databases, it will rapidly erode customer trust.

It’s crucial for your business to upgrade its security protocols, from hardware to software, with the latest security patches, so there are no weaknesses for malware to exploit. You also have to be aware of the latest security threats and implement countermeasures against them.

You don’t have a system backup and recovery plan

Data stored in servers and drives is ephemeral. Should anything go wrong, such as a hack, power interruption, a mistake in software installation, or physical damage to the hardware, you can very quickly lose hundreds of terabytes of information.

Backups are crucial to a business because they allow you to restore your system quickly. Some recovery processes can take your system back right before things go wrong and won’t cost you much time to fix. But if you don’t have regular system backups, at least once every fortnight with multiple copies, it could lead to years of lost data. And without a recovery plan, there’d be no way to get the data back.

Improve How Your Business Handles IT

It’s crucial to consult IT professionals about your business systems, especially if you plan to expand your company. A dedicated IT team composed of highly trained and experienced personnel can keep an eye on your company’s computer systems, upgrading and improving them as necessary. And with an outsourced IT team, you have access to their services on an as-needed basis and won’t have to worry about the costs of permanent staff.

HarborTech Mobility has years of experience in IT for businesses of all sizes. We know what it takes to improve an IT system and scale it to match the growth of a business. We can perform regular upgrades to your software and create a comprehensive cybersecurity plan to protect your company from hackers and other data security threats. Contact us today to discuss your business strategy or learn more about the services we provide.