Managed Firewalls Boost Cybersecurity

Start Improving Cybersecurity through a Managed Firewall

Society was already moving toward digitization before the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, the lockdowns catapulted us into a new paradigm where business transactions and data exchange are mostly made in cyberspace. As convenient as this may seem, however, cyber-attacks are a looming threat for businesses and the economy. In fact, the cost of cybercrimes reached $2.7 billion dollars in 2020. And this number is bound to rise.

But the thing about cyber attacks is that they can happen when you least expect them. From new SMBs to established Fortune 500 companies, all organizations are at risk of data breaches and other attacks that compromise sensitive information. So, cybersecurity is necessary to protect your digital assets.

Invest in managed IT services, specifically a managed firewall, to keep potential threats at bay.

What is a managed firewall?

Firewalls aren’t like plug-and-play devices that you install and forget about. They need consistent monitoring and maintenance so that you know they’re doing the job of protecting your networks.

However, network monitoring takes up a lot of time and resources that you can otherwise allocate to business growth and development. A managed firewall service is a cost-effective alternative that gives you access to security experts who will monitor and maintain the firewall infrastructure on your behalf.

A managed firewall solutions team will set up, maintain, and modify firewall rules to meet your business needs. They will assess security threats and monitor suspicious network traffic for you. They will also prepare reports and recommendations so you can make informed decisions regarding cybersecurity.

Why invest in managed firewall solutions?

Cybercriminals are particularly drawn to small businesses because they typically lack the cybersecurity infrastructure of larger enterprises. An SBA survey says 88% of small business owners feel vulnerable to cyber-attacks and either can’t afford cybersecurity or don’t know where to begin.

Through managed firewall solutions, security experts will manage and maintain your firewall so you can avoid issues that could compromise your cybersecurity. Some examples are noncompliance with industry standards, the inability to keep up with evolving cyber threats, and mismanagement of multiple firewalls,

Additionally, you gain these advantages of working with a managed IT services provider:

  • Round-the-clock network monitoring, including emergency backup power
  • Access to next-generation security tools that enhance your network security
  • Access to advanced cybersecurity technologies for smooth digital transformation
  • Customized firewall management solutions based on your work environment
  • Awareness of and protection against the latest and strongest cyber threats

Managed firewall services are a massive help to the overall cybersecurity strategy that’s protecting your business, your data, and your customers from the rising number of threats.

Protect Your Business from Potential Threats and Malicious Attacks

HarborTech Mobility deploys scalable managed network solutions and cybersecurity systems that make basic firewalls look like straw houses. Our advanced monitoring, rapid response, and 24/7 support keep your data safe from potential threats and malicious attacks. We also offer dark web monitoring services.

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