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Thermal-based barcode printers provide a very economical way to create high-quality labels, tags, wristbands, tickets, and receipts.  Compared to other printing technologies, thermal-based options require less maintenance, have less expensive media, and print faster while maintaining excellent print quality.  There are several types of thermal transfer printer solutions desktop, industrial, mobile, card, wristband, ticket and RFID. With all the thermal printer options available and potential business solutions, it can be a challenge to find the right printing solution.  At HarborTech Mobility, we have the experts to step you through the process of identifying the right printer for your business needs.

Labels are very important to any printing solution.  Identifying the right size, material, volume and knowing it will survive in the environment for the time needed is very important.   We step you through the process and make sure you have the label you need at the best possible cost.  We also provide label management and shipping service so our customers always have inventory when they need it.


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