Mobile Device Solutions

Enterprises will be required to adjust operations in order to account for growing use and demand by an increasingly mobile workforce.  Organizations will need to support a greater range of mobile device solutions as the type of devices employees use shift as a reflection of a more mobile workforce.  Workforce demographics are shifting as well to support the mobile first millennials who will soon make up the majority of employees.  This new workforce expects features similar to their smartphone devices.  Touch screen displays, virtual keyboards, and operating systems similar to smartphones should be considered when selecting devices for enterprise deployments.

Regardless of your industry, these factors will play a role.  Retail, Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, Distribution, and Manufacturing business who traditionally deploy rugged devices will need to consider these changing factors.  Other industries such as education, finance and assist living who traditionally use consumer devices are already positioned to support the changing workforce.

The most common rugged device deployments support applications for field service, direct store delivery, mobile POS, connected clinician, warehouse management freight delivery and port terminal operations.

Choosing the right device for enterprise deployments is critical to your success.  At Harbortech Mobility, we have extensive experience in assisting our customers to select the right devices for your industry, workforce, environment, applications and connectivity requirements.  Whether it’s a rugged mobile terminal, vehicle-mounted terminal, tablet, PC or smartphone, HarborTech Mobility has the experience and resources and services to make your deployment a success.

  • Field Service
  • Direct Store Delivery
  • Mobile Point of Sale
  • Connected Clinician
  • Warehouse Management
  • Freight Delivery
  • Port Terminal Operations




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