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Automate, secure, and manage every mobile device in your network.

About Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management from HarborTech Mobility supercharges employee productivity without compromising security. Track devices, apps, and data across diverse operating systems all in one place. BYOD and corporate smartphones, tablets, rugged devices and more are easily managed from a single interface that connects with your content, documents, communications, and resources. With HarborTech, your devices are carefully managed through their entire lifecycle. This includes everything from procurement and configuration to staging and kitting to deployment and training. Mobile Device Management is a prime area of focus, and we think you’ll agree we’re among the best in the business at safely managing your most sensitive information.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Wipe data and lock devices at a moment’s notice

Detect non-compliant devices

Mobile app management

Android and iOS flexibility

Secure content distribution

Robust asset management

HarborTech Mobility offers mobile device management (MDM) services designed to safeguard corporate data, reduce security risk, and ensure compliance for effective business operations.

What are MDM solutions?

Innovations in technology and mobility have enabled organizations to increase productivity and support remote work. Unfortunately, such advances also make companies more vulnerable than ever to fraud, malicious attacks, and data breaches.

With more employees using one or more mobile devices, organizations of all sizes and across all industries are now turning to mobile device management solutions for improved operational efficiency and enhanced data and network security. 

Mobile Device Management refers to the monitoring and control of all mobile endpoints that have access to sensitive corporate data. These include tablets, laptops, desktops, and smartphones. The best MDM solutions allow IT teams to control and implement enterprise-grade security policies to protect networks and make mobile devices corporate-ready.

How MDM solutions can transform your organization

MDM allows organizations to access and operate mobile devices to protect their data from theft and damage.

Remote device access

With MDM solutions, enterprises can remotely manage company-issued tablets, laptops, desktops, or other mobile devices their employees use for daily work. By controlling who has access to corporate data and how it is used and shared, organizations can prevent instances of theft, misuse, and data leaks.

Enhance security and device tracking

For organizations, the cost of lost, stolen, or malware-infected devices can result in data breaches. In turn, these can lead to corporate liability, loss of customer confidence, operational downtime, and reputational damage.

MDM services provide an additional security layer on employees’ mobile devices. They help prevent, detect, and remediate attacks, keeping corporate information safe 24/7.

MDM services also provide the capability to scan for viruses and track devices, ensuring they are always within the specified safe zone.

Guarantee device compliance and efficiency

MDM services help detect devices that aren’t in line with your policies. They can also be used to monitor, update, and troubleshoot devices in real-time. MDM automates endpoint management to keep devices operating smoothly while reducing the workload of your in-house IT staff.

Improve application control

Sometimes an employee might use company devices to access personal apps. This puts company data at risk of being exposed to unknown third parties.

With MDM, organizations can control the applications that the employee can and cannot use. They can remotely lock or wipe apps from devices to ensure network security.

Enable auto backup

MDM services help schedule and back up data during idle hours. This allows instant data recovery and business continuity in the event of a data breach or system failure.

Secure apps and mobile assets with HarborTech Mobility

For over 15 years, HarborTech Mobility has been a leading MDM company specializing in enterprise wireless and mobility solutions. We specialize in tech consulting, staffing, and mobile device management solutions designed for Fortune 500 companies and SaaS enterprises.

Manage business devices anytime and anywhere

HarborTech Mobility helps you manage business-critical data stored on your company devices. Stay connected to your field employees and drive business growth using an effective MDM strategy tailored to your organization.

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