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About Managed Wifi

These days, people expect high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity—everywhere and all the time. In a business setting, fast and reliable WiFi is key to greater efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. To ensure that employees, guests, and users have access to quick and secure connectivity, enterprises need managed WiFi services. Managed WiFi is a wireless network solution that allows organizations to outsource the design, procurement, installation, maintenance, and upgrade of a WiFi network. In short, the entire WLAN ecosystem is managed remotely by a third-party service provider to ensure safe, scalable, and fully functional connectivity. Managed WiFi services are designed for organizations that don’t have the resources or manpower to regularly secure, monitor, and update their WiFi network. Managed WiFi also enables property-wide access, meaning users can connect to the Internet via several access points throughout your facility. As your service provider, we will set up your WiFi network via the cloud and give you complete control and visibility over it. We’ll manage and troubleshoot your WiFi remotely, helping you reduce potential downtime and meet the growing demand for rapid wireless connectivity. Using a managed WiFi solution, enterprises like yours can easily manage user access, reduce the total cost of ownership, and improve risk management. Other benefits of cloud-based WiFi services include better network performance and the ability to free on-site IT teams so they can concentrate on core functions.

Benefits of Managed Wifi

Choosing the right managed WiFi solution for your organization

An effective managed WiFi service will include:

  • Pre-assessment services such as WiFi analysis and site surveys
  • Custom WiFi designs engineered from industry-certified experts
  • High-quality WiFi hardware
  • Complete network installation and configuration
  • A validation site survey
  • Full system support services for firewalls, switches, access points, and sensors
  • Integrated IoT security
  • Network access control (NAC)
  • Scheduled network refreshes
  • SLAs (service level agreements) on response times
  • Weekly and monthly network health reports
  • Tier 2 and tier 3 support

Reasons to partner with a managed wifi service provider

24/7 security

Providers can diagnose and troubleshoot connectivity issues and potential attacks quickly and remotely. They know the best practices for authenticating connections and setting up the most secure networks and admin controls.


Providers can always add access points or WiFi extenders to areas in your facility where connection is poor.

Improved end-user experience

A secure and reliable WiFi connection attracts, retains, and engages guests and customers. Likewise, it supports employee collaboration and enhances your company’s overall productivity.

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