Hospital Wi- Fi CyclePatient care is critical in hospitals. When doctors, nurses and clinicians get frustrated because of hospitals Wi-Fi network delays and performance issues, it hampers their ability to serve their patients. HarborTech Mobility in partnership with 7SIGNAL is pleased to offer Wi-Fi performance management system, focused on proactively finding and fixing Wi-Fi issues.

Patented Wi-Fi sensors called Sapphire Eyes use a software as a service to benchmark the performance of a location with around-the-clock user experience testing. 7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye software crowdsources Wi-Fi performance data at pre-defined intervals from wireless devices on the network.

Wi-Fi performance assurance and optimization systems can help hospitals manage risk and reduce operational expenses while improving productivity and enhancing patient outcomes. 7signal’s solutions help ensure that all end-users in hospitals can connect and stay connected to their critical applications always.

HarborTech Mobility believes by monitoring hospital Wi-Fi, the landscape of a wireless hospital is dramatically improved. To make wireless healthcare technology work better, the software’s infrastructure must work better.

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