During the past decade, ‘IT infrastructure ‘and ‘change’ have become synonymous. To remain competitive, organizations need a way to invest in critical IT infrastructure that offers end-to-end flexibility while protecting valuable capital. HarborTech Mobility in partnership with Extreme Networks, enables organizations to address their ever-changing needs with an easy-to-use OpEx as-a-service acquisition.

Benefits of OpEx as-a-service:

  1. Increased Capital Efficiency: With this, you can refresh your organization’s network infrastructure or adjust capacity simply without the need for capital expenditure. As a result, you can continue to invest in scaling your business instead of the network infrastructure.
  2. As-a-Service Flexibility: This has no origination fees, no fixed term, and no penalties for early termination, allowing you to pay for network capacity as you consume it.
  3. Improved Business agility: Business priorities are always in flux. Over half of IT managers have found that their business strategy frequently changed in the last few years. To help organizations keep pace, this provides the agility to quickly adjust and adapt to new, different and transitory circumstances.
  4. Eliminate business riskEliminate business risk: Organizations no longer have to try to forecast the future. A risk is eliminated because you can expand, contract or refresh your organization’s network infrastructure on demand. With this service, the network will always be mission ready.
  5. 100% compatible,100 % of the time: Many organizations have fragmented network architectures that have been built and patched over time. When new components are introduced into aging infrastructure, compatibility issues may arise and leave your organization exposed to access and security issues. This service allows you to change components on demand, ensuring complete compatibility today and every day.
  6. Support every step of the Way: This subscription includes secure remote access, 24 * 7 telephone support, around the clock online support and next day advanced hardware replacement, helping to ensure and assure that our support is available when you need it.
  7. Freedom from depreciation cycles: With these subscriptions, you are free from depreciation cycles attached to purchase or term limits tied to leasing. We let you select the exact features, technology, and footprint you need on an ongoing basis.
  8. Enterprise Financial Ratio stability: This subscription is an off-balance-sheet transaction that enables debt-heavy enterprises to refresh networks without impacting credit ratings and key business performance ratios, such as Return on assets (ROA) and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
  9. Cost/ Revenue alignment: This subscription enables cloud, hosting, in-house and other managed service providers to deliver new services over cloud-optimized network infrastructures by aligning network infrastructure costs with revenue, providing revenue tracking and streamlining time to profitability.

Because of this service, your organization can now have a network acquisition model that provides the same level of flexibility and agility as a cloud-based network. You can fund a significant percentage of the new network by merely transferring what you spend on monthly support services for legacy equipment.


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