Mission critical Wireless, Rugged Mobile Devices and Printing Solutions

Transportation and Logistics companies rely on mobile devices to provide data analytics for fuel consumption, delivery efficiency, and package logistics.  A solid wireless infrastructure at the cross-dock and warehouse facility is essential.  The mobile device must have coverage at the facility and seamlessly transfer to the WAN network once the divers on the road.

Our port customers operate in very difficult outdoor environments with extreme wireless interference.  Constant connection between the mobile device and the wireless infrastructure is a must.  Deploying WLAN infrastructure at a port facility requires a company with experience.

At HarborTech Mobility, we understand the business reasons driving our transportation and logistic customers to update their mission critical wireless networks and mobility solutions.  Your wireless network needs to provide consistent performance and up time to support your mission critical business applications.  We look at all of the applications and technology requirements and provide a complete end – end solution to optimize performance, lower costs and ensure project success.