Last week, HarborTech Mobility was able to detect and inform a customer of a critical networking outage before the customer even realized the network was down. A power failure interrupted a facility that was about to come online as the business day started, so it was critical to get the network back online as quickly as possible. HTMI engineers were on standby to help facilitate a network recovery as soon as the power was restored. Once restored we were able to bring all network services online with minimal downtime.

This was possible because HTMI engineers detected this through our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC). HarborTech Mobility leverages industry best practices and in-depth technical in-house knowledge to help you dramatically reduce IT outages, improve time to resolution and maximize the value of your IT investments.

If your organization is struggling with strategic technological challenges, HarborTech Mobility has the resources, know-how to design, deploy and manage secure, high-performance networks that enable enterprise-wide mobility.

To assist our customers and extend their IT resource capabilities, HarborTech Mobility offers customers a variety of managed services through our 24/7 NOC.

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