A network is the backbone of every company. As a networking solution and managed services provider, HarborTech Mobility understands the importance of properly designing your network to carry out your mission-critical business operations.

At HarborTech Mobility, our expert engineers will first survey your site and then design the best wireless network according to your needs. We consider following five most important factors before designing a network:

  1. Availability: Your business needs to be up and running at all hours of the day to avoid disruptions and distractions that affect your bottom line. Poor signal strength can drag down your business with slow and dropped connections. It is crucial that the network is reliable and has good coverage so that everyone on your team can get online when they need to.
  1. Devices and applications: Gone are the days where an employee just used a desktop for their work. Now employees use their cell phones, tablets, laptops, mobile printers, etc. There’s a wide variety of applications being used while accessing your network, some mission-critical, some recreational. It is critical to know what type of device and applications will be used on your network, to be monitored and controlled for security reasons.
  1. Performance: Everyone is connected to a single WAP that means they are just sharing a single wire. To avoid traffic jams and slow processing, and have a high performing network, we should know the number of devices and applications that will be used at any given time. It helps to determine the capacity when designing the wireless network.
  1. Security: Employees today are more connected to mobile. Many of them want access to company email and data while they are out of the office. Guest access to the network is another requirement for many companies. Balancing all these needs while maintaining security needs to be addressed in the design phase of any network.
  1. Scalability: Every company needs scalability for their network. With the proper network design, you will be able to support the growth of your business without having to redesign the network. Network design should factor in at least 20 percent growth per year, including everything from switch ports to data backup systems.

Strategic planning and detail analysis of the survey helps in designing a robust network. At HarborTech Mobility, we have experienced engineers who have helped many businesses design, deploy and manage their wireless network successfully. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us.


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