According to the research firm Gartner Inc-  By 2020, more than 25% of identified attacks in enterprises will involve IoT devices, although these IoT devices will account for less than 10% of IT security budgets. For an Operation/IT Manager, it is imperative to understand the organization’s network; what security measures are currently in place, what is normal vs abnormal activity, what are the potential attack targets within the network, etc., to identify and stop any unusual activity on the network. HarborTech Mobility would like to highlight some tips that can help an IT Manager in securing their business network.

  • Standardize security policy: The security policy is the formal statement of rules for the implementation of network security in an organization. These policies cover rules regarding device and network access, password strength and frequency of change, best practices on file sharing, security application policies, reporting procedures on lost or stolen devices, and more. Make sure that your organization has security policies is in place and your employees understand these policies.
  • Be Selective: There are a number of network and cloud providers today. Carefully evaluate providers to ensure they offer the services you need and that it fits within your organizations budget. An organization should wisely determine the blend of services that meet their needs while keeping security in mind.
  • Educate employees: One of the biggest security threats to businesses is human error. Educating your employees about proper cybersecurity can help you mitigate some of this risk to the network. Teach them how to spot the signs of a phishing scam, and other common malware scams so they know what to do if they become a victim. Also, discuss the importance of software updates, security feature updates, and how to keep business and personal devices updated.
  • Safeguard your Wi-Fi: Firstly, ensure you’re using a firewall and that all your data that passes through the network is encrypted. Password-protect the router, and only allow access to qualified employees. Consider hiding your network so others can’t try to access it. If your business needs a public Wi-Fi option for customers or vendors to access, set up a second public network that gives open access to the internet, but blocks all “guest”/public traffic from accessing internal data.
  • Extra precautions: When you can use two-factor authentication, use it. With staff reporting unusual activity or behavior, they will not only help you spot attackers in your network quicker but will also develop a culture of increased security awareness in your organization. Ensure, that employees are connecting to the secure network and not the public network, especially when accessing sensitive business data.

In conclusion, network security is vital for businesses of any size, especially in an age of ever-increasing cybersecurity threat. However, by making the proper precautionary steps, you can significantly reduce the risk of becoming the next victim of a cybercrime.

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