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3 Signs Your Company’s IT Network Needs An Upgrade

Since the beginning of the pandemic, sentiments on work-from-home setups have completely shifted. In a survey participated in by working professionals, 74% of respondents believe that remote work will become the new normal. Most of the respondents prefer a completely remote work environment while some are leaning toward a hybrid model. 

To support remote work, businesses need to invest in new IT infrastructure that can sustain employee productivity and prevent potential output deficits. 

Read on to learn some of the signs that your IT systems are no longer up to par and need an upgrade:

Increased Downtime

Unscheduled downtime can have serious repercussions on your business. It can lead to customer loss, reduced employee productivity, high maintenance costs, and even damage to your company’s reputation. 

If your systems are constantly crashing and taking a long time to load, it may be time to upgrade your IT network. 

High Repair & Maintenance Costs

Routine maintenance is crucial for maintaining efficiency in a company’s IT operations. Needing maintenance too frequently, however, could mean that your network is due for an upgrade. Moreover, outdated networks require more servicing to function efficiently. Over time, repair and maintenance expenses can pile up and create a huge dent in your company’s operating budget.

Upgrading your IT infrastructure may seem like a huge up-front capital investment, but the long-term return on investment will save your business time and resources. 

Persistent Latency Issues

Network latency is common during peak operational hours. Persistent delays, however, can signify a need for a network upgrade. Your company’s bottom line can suffer due to a decline in employee productivity and an increase in frustrated customers. 

With an optimized system, you get faster response times and a network that can support spikes in website traffic. 

Invest in High-Performance IT Infrastructure

If you’re experiencing any of the issues above, your business will greatly benefit from managed IT services.  At Harbortech Mobility, we provide custom management IT solutions that secure and optimize your network. Expect increased operational efficiency, minimized downtime and delays, and an improved bottom line. 

For more than 15 years, we’ve helped companies from manufacturing and logistics to retail and government streamline their operations and build a resilient IT environment through our range of IT services. Depending on your business IT needs, our team can provide.

  • Consulting, staff augmentation, and on-site support
  • Suggesting and implementing software patches
  • Managing installations and upgrades
  • Mobile device management
  • Network testing and monitoring
  • Providing on-site technical support
  • Design, deployment, and installation of wireless infrastructure solutions
  • Overseeing network security and risk mitigation
  • Connectivity and bandwidth management
  • Performance monitoring and reporting

Avoid costly downtime and other negative effects of an outdated system by investing in award-winning IT solutions. Reach out to our team today to schedule your complimentary strategy session.