5 important factors to be considered while designing a Wireless Network

5 important factors to be considered while designing a Wireless Network

A network is the backbone of every company. As a networking solution and managed services provider, HarborTech Mobility understands the importance of properly designing your network to carry out your mission-critical business operations.

At HarborTech Mobility, our expert engineers will first survey your site and then design the best wireless network according to your needs. We consider following five most important factors before designing a network:

  1. Availability: Your business needs to be up and running at all hours of the day to avoid disruptions and distractions that affect your bottom line. Poor signal strength can drag down your business with slow and dropped connections. It is crucial that the network is reliable and has good coverage so that everyone on your team can get online when they need to.
  1. Devices and applications: Gone are the days where an employee just used a desktop for their work. Now employees use their cell phones, tablets, laptops, mobile printers, etc. There’s a wide variety of applications being used while accessing your network, some mission-critical, some recreational. It is critical to know what type of device and applications will be used on your network, to be monitored and controlled for security reasons.
  1. Performance: Everyone is connected to a single WAP that means they are just sharing a single wire. To avoid traffic jams and slow processing, and have a high performing network, we should know the number of devices and applications that will be used at any given time. It helps to determine the capacity when designing the wireless network.
  1. Security: Employees today are more connected to mobile. Many of them want access to company email and data while they are out of the office. Guest access to the network is another requirement for many companies. Balancing all these needs while maintaining security needs to be addressed in the design phase of any network.
  1. Scalability: Every company needs scalability for their network. With the proper network design, you will be able to support the growth of your business without having to redesign the network. Network design should factor in at least 20 percent growth per year, including everything from switch ports to data backup systems.

Strategic planning and detail analysis of the survey helps in designing a robust network. At HarborTech Mobility, we have experienced engineers who have helped many businesses design, deploy and manage their wireless network successfully. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us.

How Healthy Is Your Hospital’s Wi-Fi?

How Healthy Is Your Hospital’s Wi-Fi?

Hospital Wi- Fi CyclePatient care is critical in hospitals. When doctors, nurses and clinicians get frustrated because of Wi-Fi network delays and performance issues, it hampers their ability to serve their patients. HarborTech Mobility in partnership with 7SIGNAL is pleased to offer Wi-Fi performance management system, focused on proactively finding and fixing Wi-Fi issues.

Patented Wi-Fi sensors called Sapphire Eyes use a software as a service to benchmark the performance of a location with around-the-clock user experience testing. 7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye software crowdsources Wi-Fi performance data at pre-defined intervals from wireless devices on the network.

Wi-Fi performance assurance and optimization systems can help hospitals manage risk and reduce operational expenses while improving productivity and enhancing patient outcomes. 7signal’s solutions help ensure that all end-users in hospitals can connect and stay connected to their critical applications always.

HarborTech Mobility believes by monitoring hospital Wi-Fi, the landscape of a wireless hospital is dramatically improved. To make wireless healthcare technology work better, the software’s infrastructure must work better.

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Are you stuck in the same shoes as Harry?

Are you stuck in the same shoes as Harry?

Do you feel like pulling your hair while managing your wireless network?  Are you stressed, frustrated and always under pressure?

Harry thought his IT team would be able to manage his wireless network infrastructure. In hindsight, this didn’t turn out to be the wisest idea. It took up an insane amount of time, so much that his IT support team barely had enough time to concentrate on other tasks. Don’t let that happen to you, let HarborTech Mobility enhance your operational capabilities by managing your wireless network through our 24/7 NOC.  At HarborTech we become an extension of your IT team so that you can focus on your business priorities.

IT infrastructure environments need to adapt to a growing number of mission-critical applications, increasing service levels and fast-changing business requirements. HarborTech Mobility offers our customers a variety of managed services that are designed for complex IT environments with fast-changing business requirements. Whether your network service is on-premise, cloud or a hybrid solution our service connects to the technologies you already have, which means no more struggling to manage multiple, disparate toolsets.

Our basic managed services:

  • 24/7 Monitoring and reporting
  • Day to day operations
  • Technical Support

We leverage industry best practices and in-depth technical in-house knowledge to help you dramatically reduce IT outages, improve time to resolution and maximize the value of your IT investments. So, don’t let yourself undergo the same pressure as Harry, instead contact HarborTech Mobility today

Read more about how our engineers detected an outage of one of our customer’s network and restored it with minimal downtime.

Welcome James to HarborTech Mobility Team

Welcome James to HarborTech Mobility Team

We are excited to introduce our new team member James Smith. He joined our sales team last week as Senior Account Manager.

James has 15+ years of sales experience in business development, alliances, channel management and consulting. He knows global IT infrastructure and Cloud platform solutions and services. His vertical sales experience includes technology, financial services, retail, insurance, manufacturing and the healthcare industries.

James lives in Redmond with his wife Megan, their two daughters Kayla and Heidi, and two dogs Lolly and Anna. Outside of work, James enjoys skiing with his family and taking the dogs for long walks. On some weekends he can also be found cheering his daughters at their soccer games or the occasional Sounders game.

We are confident that your experience will be an asset to the company. We hope you enjoy working for HarborTech Mobility and look forward to having fun with you in our company outings and events.


HarborTech Mobility’s Cloud and Managed Services

HarborTech Mobility’s Cloud and Managed Services

Today, many organizations are struggling to align IT resources with their business requirements.  IT needs to be efficient, enable business activities to be profitable and differentiated, all while thinking 3-5 years ahead. The people that make it all happen are constantly asking themselves “How do I do this while doing everything possible to keep what is already in place up and running?”.

HarborTech Mobility launched our Cloud and Managed Services Practice in 2017 to do just that.  While you are wrestling with resources to get things done, HTMI is helping customers already to:

1) Optimize their costs,

2) Enable critical projects by providing resources needed to get them off the ground and

3) Guiding customers through IT, Voice, and Cloud Transformation efforts.

Many companies can provide some of the elements you need, but few can deliver the services up and down the IT stack.  HarborTech Mobility brings in the right technical skillsets, and focus on aligning what your business needs and implementing solutions that make a measurable impact on your organizations operating costs and top-line revenue.

At HarborTech Mobility, we care about your current and future business outcomes- Driving business to new heights and engaging customers in ways you never thought possible.

Reach out today to know more about our services, call us on (425) 424-0444.


Are your inefficient supplies hurting your business operations?

Are your inefficient supplies hurting your business operations?

HarborTech Mobility understands labels are mission critical for few businesses. Using substandard labels can slow down barcode scanning, disrupt inventory and deliveries, cause expensive printhead failure, and create a constant need to reprint.

If inefficient supplies are affecting your workflow, submit the below assessment form. HarborTech Mobility along with Zebra will give you in-depth analysis of your supplies which will help you in optimizing business productivity and minimize cost.

A big shout out to HTMI Engineers

A big shout out to HTMI Engineers

Last week, HarborTech Mobility was able to detect and inform a customer of a critical networking outage before the customer even realized the network was down. A power failure interrupted a facility that was about to come online as the business day started, so it was critical to get the network back online as quickly as possible. HTMI engineers were on standby to help facilitate a network recovery as soon as the power was restored. Once restored we were able to bring all network services online with minimal downtime.

This was possible because HTMI engineers detected this through our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC). HarborTech Mobility leverages industry best practices and in-depth technical in-house knowledge to help you dramatically reduce IT outages, improve time to resolution and maximize the value of your IT investments.

If your organization is struggling with strategic technological challenges, HarborTech Mobility has the resources, know-how to design, deploy and manage secure, high-performance networks that enable enterprise-wide mobility.

To assist our customers and extend their IT resource capabilities, HarborTech Mobility offers customers a variety of managed services through our 24/7 NOC.

Read more about our Managed Services

HarborTech Mobility’s partnership with OETC to provide Extreme Network solutions

HarborTech Mobility’s partnership with OETC to provide Extreme Network solutions

We are excited to announce that HarborTech Mobility has partnered with OETC to proactively support schools to achieve their technology needs with Extreme Network’s solutions. Read more about our partnership with OETC.

HarborTech Mobility, Inc. can now help you accomplish your networking needs – wireless, switching, routing, security, identity control, analytics and network management solutions. We also provide Erate-able managed services to schools to spread the cost of a complete network refresh over multiple years.

HarborTech Mobility has the experience and resources needed to provide WLAN architectures that not only meet Common Core standards, they help transform learning. Today, most schools need to update their wireless LAN to support Common Core requirements. We can help you create The Smart Classroom:

  • Simple control of Apple TV/ Chromecast and AirPrint services for easy sharing based on appropriate permissions.
  • Automated and secure network access for BYOD and school-issued devices.
  • Reliable and simple cloud managed wi-fi for uninterrupted learning and online testing in 1:1 classrooms.
  • Free integrated web filtering to support CIP, plus LanSchool classroom monitoring for more comfortable teaching

Digital learning is vital to the modernization of school curriculums and long-term success of educators. The next-generation wireless classroom lets everyone thrive when they use wi-fi enabled devices and apps that create a more productive learning experience. HarborTech Mobility focuses on high-performance WLAN solutions to improve the learning experience.

You can read more about OETC’s contract here. To know more about HarborTech’s services that can make your life easy, reach out to Amber Edlen – ambere@htmobility.com / 425-230-7681.

HarborTech Mobility offers Go Zebra mobile devices trade-in program

HarborTech Mobility offers Go Zebra mobile devices trade-in program

Change is a constant in technology, pushing companies always to adjust to meet the demand for advanced connectivity, mobile integration, and device intelligence. HarborTech Mobility is proud to be partnered with Zebra technologies that innovate and updates every product according to the technology, keeping it accurate and efficient.

Zebra engineers its scanners, mobile computers, tablets and printers with one purpose – to help you perform even better. Go Zebra is a program, in which you can trade in your aging devices (zebra or other) and trade up to new zebra products and earn up to $ 650 cash back. This is an excellent opportunity to boost your business by improving your productivity, reducing downtime and increasing efficiencies.

More is expected of you every day, and as a result, you expect more from your technology. HarborTech Mobility is here to assist you in proper planning so that you can save thousands of dollars in equipment and labor. If you are interested in these trade-ins, contact us today for more information.

HarborTech Mobility in partnership with Extreme Networks offers OpEx as -a- service

HarborTech Mobility in partnership with Extreme Networks offers OpEx as -a- service

During the past decade, ‘IT infrastructure ‘and ‘change’ have become synonymous. To remain competitive, organizations need a way to invest in critical IT infrastructure that offers end-to-end flexibility while protecting valuable capital. HarborTech Mobility in partnership with Extreme Networks, enables organizations to address their ever-changing needs with an easy-to-use OpEx as-a-service acquisition.

Benefits of OpEx as-a-service:

  1. Increased Capital Efficiency: With this, you can refresh your organization’s network infrastructure or adjust capacity simply without the need for capital expenditure. As a result, you can continue to invest in scaling your business instead of the network infrastructure.
  2. As-a-Service Flexibility: This has no origination fees, no fixed term, and no penalties for early termination, allowing you to pay for network capacity as you consume it.
  3. Improved Business agility: Business priorities are always in flux. Over half of IT managers have found that their business strategy frequently changed in the last few years. To help organizations keep pace, this provides the agility to quickly adjust and adapt to new, different and transitory circumstances.
  4. Eliminate business riskEliminate business risk: Organizations no longer have to try to forecast the future. A risk is eliminated because you can expand, contract or refresh your organization’s network infrastructure on demand. With this service, the network will always be mission ready.
  5. 100% compatible,100 % of the time: Many organizations have fragmented network architectures that have been built and patched over time. When new components are introduced into aging infrastructure, compatibility issues may arise and leave your organization exposed to access and security issues. This service allows you to change components on demand, ensuring complete compatibility today and every day.
  6. Support every step of the Way: This subscription includes secure remote access, 24 * 7 telephone support, around the clock online support and next day advanced hardware replacement, helping to ensure and assure that our support is available when you need it.
  7. Freedom from depreciation cycles: With these subscriptions, you are free from depreciation cycles attached to purchase or term limits tied to leasing. We let you select the exact features, technology, and footprint you need on an ongoing basis.
  8. Enterprise Financial Ratio stability: This subscription is an off-balance-sheet transaction that enables debt-heavy enterprises to refresh networks without impacting credit ratings and key business performance ratios, such as Return on assets (ROA) and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
  9. Cost/ Revenue alignment: This subscription enables cloud, hosting, in-house and other managed service providers to deliver new services over cloud-optimized network infrastructures by aligning network infrastructure costs with revenue, providing revenue tracking and streamlining time to profitability.

Because of this service, your organization can now have a network acquisition model that provides the same level of flexibility and agility as a cloud-based network. You can fund a significant percentage of the new network by merely transferring what you spend on monthly support services for legacy equipment.